Rose Geranium with Rose Petals Goat Milk Soap

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A superior bar with a fantastic & sweet floral scent that is known for revitalizing female energies yet is warm and purifying. Excellent bar for diverse skin problems; oily and congested skin, eczema, and has been noted to assist in premature aging. Bar has fragrant rose petal botanicals that appear half way through the bar, to make this bar exquisitely unique.

Goat’s milk is exploding with skin nourishing vitamins, protein and minerals so it’s a natural choice for cleansing. All of our soaps contain natural ingredients including our high quality family farm produced goats milk, essential oils, and essential fragrances. Bars are approx. 6oz, preservative free, Gluten free, non GMO, and Biodegradable. Goat milk soap also has a pH level similar to human skin; therefore, goat milk soap benefits the skin by protecting it.