Our Products

Farm fresh goat milk straight from the farm... just like it used to be.... Our fluid milk production is taken right after morning milking (4:30am), sent into production room for pasteurizing, bottled and ready for your table by 3pm... Cross Wind Farm's milk is full fat and pasteurized. Nothing added, and nothing taken away. If you've never had fresh goat milk before you may be surprised; goat milk has a much milder flavour than other goat dairy products and we've been told by many new customers that it tastes much more like cow's milk than they had expected.
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Our chevre is our pride!
A creamy fluffy textured cheese available in 12 diverse flavours! From savoury notes to slightly sweet combinations. This soft delicate creamy chevre has a mild creamy buttery flavour. We also produce a creamy and delicious Feta available in 2 styles, aged cheddar, and a bloomy rind crottin style cheese.
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Real Goat Yogurt!
Did you know that industry regulations for goat yogurt do not require cow milk to be included as an ingredient if it makes up less than 49% of the milk used? This is why people with allergies to cow milk often have reactions to some brands of Goat Yogurt. We believe in honest marketing and top quality products which is why our goat yogurt is made with 100% goat milk! Enjoy our  delicious yogurt on it's own, in your cooking, or with fruit or syrup.
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Chevon is excellent for stewing, curries, baking, and grilling!
We provide Chevron (Goat Meat) in a variety of cuts and preparations including stewing goat, ground goat, shank, ribs, boneless leg roasts, shoulder chops, loin chops, and offal. We're best known for our unique tender sausages made with 100% goat in savory flavour combinations.
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