Goat Yogurt

100% pure goat milk yogurt is a product Cross Wind Farm is proud of. Introduced January 2012, Cross Wind Farm has developed a probiotic yogurt... No sugar, no thickeners, and no preservatives! Smooth, light, and refreshing... Just like the milk it is made from. Available in 500ml containers.

Goat Milk Nutritional factsGoat Milk Facts
  • Goat milk is similar to cows milk in taste
  • Biggest difference between cow and goat milk is digestibility
  • Goat milk is easier to digest than Cow milk because it has smaller fat & protein globules
  • 13% less lactose
  • Goat milk is a superior transition from breast milk at time of weaning
Cross Wind Farm's fluid milk production is taken right after morning milking (4:30am), sent into production room for pasteurizing, bottled and ready for your table by 3pm... Cross Wind Farm's milk is full fat, pasteurized and NOT HOMOGENIZED. Nothing added, and nothing taken away.