Goat Cheese

Cross Wind Farm is proud to say we create and handcraft each batch of our artisan cheeses right on our farm!

Our chévre is our pride! A creamy fluffy textured cheese available in 13 diverse flavours! From savory notes to slightly sweet combinations.This soft delicate creamy chévre has a mild creamy buttery flavour. With no artificial additives this is a a healthy alternative to cream cheese, but with unlimited potential!!

Available in 250g containers. Service size also available. Flavours include: Original, Cranberry Orange, Stinging Nettle, Garden Herb, Caramelized Onion with Whole Green Peppers, Chive Onion, Toasted Garlic, Hot Chili Pepper, herbs de Provence, Italian Garlic Blend, Maple Cream, Creamy Dill, and Lemon Thyme.


A mild, creamy and mouth watering Feta cheese available in two flavours: Original and Sun-Dried Tomato Basil. Our feta is semi-soft and comes immersed in its salt water/ whey brine solution to keep it young and fresh for 5 months or more.

The Kenzie 
A semi aged bloomy rind crottin style cheese. White fluffy rind with a pleasant light floral undertones. As this lovely cheese ages, blue mould will appear and will yield a light mushroomy flavour.Complex flavours appear as this bloomy ages. Paired nicely with white wine, lightly oaked preferred. Because this is a triple cream product, we only produce it seasonally in the fall/winter.

goat cheese

Our Reserve Goat Cheddar Collection
is a mildly aged cheddar which is flavourful and complex at such a young age! The texture is smooth with a slightly sweet mild flavor. An amazing item on any gourmet cooking list! It is made from 100% fresh goat milk, and aged naturally!
Medium Aged Goat Gouda. Our goat gouda is a wonderful compliment to any cheese tray or charcouterie board.  Semi-hard, 5 month aged gouda, with a toffee colored interior, exploding with flavour! A slightly grainy texture yet smooth to the palate explodes with sweet pockets throughout. Sweet yet savory – super compliment to an amber ale or a dry white.