Our Story

Welcome to Our Farm

This is where our journey began, on a bright spring day in 2006. Building on a long family tradition of farming, we decided to take up the rewarding and enriching practice of goat farming! It took about a year to reconstruct our barn from its 1800s frame, and by March 2007 we began making shipments of raw goat milk to a co-op.

While these years were a wonderful experience for our family and farm, as time went on we decided that we wanted to make our operation and process more sustainable. Therefore, we created our own production facility, directly on our farm!

In 2010 we launched our own line of goat dairy products, and we are still producing this line of artisan, small batch goat dairy today. While we began with Milk, we have expanded our line to include Yogurt, Cheddar, Chèvre, and our most recent creation, the Kenzie!

All of our flavours and creations are developed in conversation with our loyal and enthusiastic customers. We are passionate about our craft, and we aim to produce what you are interested in consuming.

Over the years we have won a number of awards for our hand-crafted cheeses. Most recently, our Kenzie took First Place for New Innovation at the Royal Winter Fair!

Cross Wind Farm Dairy Awards

Thank you so much for supporting our family farm, and we hope you continue enjoy our goat dairy products!


Food for Kids

We are so proud to partner with Food for Kids Peterborough to help briung health and nutrition into our schools.

Food for Kids Peterborough and County is a non-profit community partnership that has supported Student Nutrition Programs in local elementary and secondary schools for over 20 years. These programs are supported by our generous community through financial and in-kind donations.

Our vision is that every student in Peterborough City and County attends school well-nourished and ready to learn.


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