Aged Cheddar Grilled Cheese

About this Recipe
Spice up this fall season with our hand picked cheese combinations. Fresh from our farm to your table!
While our farm fresh cheese is undeniably delicious on any cheese board, here at Cross Wind Farm, we love to come up with new uses for our products. These grilled cheese creations are a perfect addition to this fall season!
Minimal ingredients are necessary, and these can be thrown together in just a couple of minutes. Perfect for a lazy Sunday at home or a quick week night dinner.
Cross Wind Farm Aged Cheddar Cheese, sliced
Favourite bread
Oil or butter
1/3 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, defrosted
1/4 cup packed fresh basil
1 tbsp honey
1 small onion, thinly sliced
1 tsp olive oil
Blueberry, Basil, and Honey Compote:
Combine blueberries, honey, and basil in blender, and mix until smooth.
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Caramelized Onion:
Coat a pan with olive oil over medium heat. Place onions in pan and cook until browned, stirring occasionally, about 20 to 30 minutes.
Sandwich Assembly:
Butter outside of bread. Layer bread with slices of Cross Wind Farm Aged Cheddar Cheese and caramelized onion and arugula or blueberry and basil compote. 
Grill in pan over medium heat and enjoy!