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Artisan Chevre

Our chèvre is our pride! A creamy fluffy textured cheese available with savoury herbal notes in various flavour combinations. This soft spreadable cheese has a mild creamy texture.

Homestead Feta

Our feta is a mild, creamy and mouth watering cheese. This cheese is semi-soft and comes immersed in a salt water brine solution to keep it young and fresh for 5+ months.

Aged Goat Cheddar

Our Reserve Goat Cheddar is aged for a mild four months, and it’s flavour is rich and complex. The texture is smooth with a slightly sweet accent.

Homestead Goat Yogurt

Cross Wind Farm yogurt is made with a probiotic culture, no sugar, no thickeners and no preservatives! Smooth, light and refreshing, just like the milk it is made from.


Our milk is batch pasteurized which for the consumer provides a healthy clean product. Nothing added nothing lost.


A semi-aged bloomy rind crottin style cheese. Complex flavours appear as this bloomy cheese ages. Pairs nicely with lightly oaked white wine.

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